Objective of the 3D

Listening, Dialogue, Solidarity (3D) Eskişehir Festival is aim to create a platform that can contribute to the solutions of economic, social, political, cultural problems that concern the whole society by increasing social sensitivity among the political actors such as individuals, political parties, non-governmental Organizations, trade unions, chamber of commerce and industry, local media organs, municipalities, etc. In this framework, the Festival aims to adopt all kinds of social-political differences as richness by making dominant the tolerance in the society, to directly convey individual or social problems to their interlocutors, to eliminate the prejudices that may exist against different thoughts, and most importantly, to make dominant the principles of national and international democratic governance. In line with these goals, the Festival aims to create a political participation and governance platform in Eskişehir both considering the goals mentioned above and by examining the participation and governance platforms in the European Union countries in theory and to participating them in practice.

The purpose of the activities to be organized within the scope of the project is to prepare an environment where civil and official participants in Eskişehir can be discussed in economic, political, social and cultural areas and solutions in Eskişehir, completely away from propaganda and partisanship. Likewise, new ideas and experiences can be shared about how good aspects of mentioned areas can also be carried forward as well and thus contribute to the discussion, reconciliation, listening, understanding and widespread scientific culture in the society. With the participation and governance themed events to be organized, it is also aimed to raise awareness about the concepts of participation and governance in every segment of the society and to ensure that future generations play a greater role in participation and governance.