The subject titled “Digital Literacy” will take place on the second day of the 3D Festival named “Digitalization and Social Transformation”. Digital literacy refers to more than the word “literacy”, which means having the ability to read and write to understand information. Digital literacy, in short, is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, understand, share and transmit information. In order to use this skill, individuals must have developed cognitive and technical abilities. The features of digital literacy can be listed as follows: helping yourself and other individuals to realize successful digital applications and activities in working, learning, entertainment and other areas of daily life; it is affected by the private life situations of individuals and is a lifelong process as their lives evolve, progress and change; It is broader than the concept of information and communication technologies and includes features of elements related to digital technologies; Since it involves the acquisition and use of knowledge, techniques, attitudes and personal qualities, it requires planning, managing and evaluating digital actions used in solving problems encountered in daily life; It involves individuals being aware of their personal digital literacy and reflecting their digital literacy development into their lives.
Digital literacy in the 21st century is a must-have feature for everyone. Because access to information is the most democratic right of everyone. The information and technology age we live in provides the necessary opportunities to access and use the correct information. However, not everyone can have these opportunities. The 3D Festival awaits people’s opinions by opening discussion to increase digital literacy among individuals and provide the necessary opportunities for digital literacy.