Session, which has title as “Environmental Pollution” is in scope of “Problems of Eskişehir Incurred in Daily Life”, will be realized as one of the topic of third day in the Festival. As is known, environmental pollution has been disscussed in different ways and areas as a threat in terms of future of the World.In this context, people works on solutions of problems on environmental pollution arising from unnatural ways. In other words, people are cause as well as solution of environmental pollution. In this frame, environmental pollution is a global problem. However, this problem affects people in daily life, too. This is why, people can work on this problem as a local problem, too. Also, there is an traditional sentence in Turkey such as “First of all, clean in front of your door.” Thereby, we prefer to work on environmental pollution as a local problem. In this frame, firstly, an expert will inform to participants of festival on environmental pollution, global and local affects of environmental pollution, causes and results of environmental pollution. In addition to that, political speakers and participants of festival will looking for answer for these kind of questions: What is scope of environmental pollution? Who are responsibles of environmental pollution? Which are institues responsible on environmental pollution to protect of Eskişehir? What can be precautions on environmental pollution in Eskişehir? As a result, is it possible that cleaner Eskişehir?