The topic of discussion titled “Immigration and the Situation of Immigrants” will take place on the third day of the 3D Festival titled “Problems Encountered in Daily Life in Eskişehir”. Migration is an action that people have done and continue to do throughout human history. Migration is when people change the towns, villages, cities, countries they live in to spend the rest or only part of their lives due to reasons such as social, political, economic, religious, war, and famine. If we need to define migration in another way, it is the change of living spaces of individuals necessarily or due to their desire to reach education, health and cultural opportunities that can meet their expectations. Short-term relocation for education and work is also seen as migration. Migrations experienced during human life may be the result of the desire to benefit from the economic opportunities that are unequally distributed in the space, or they may arise as a result of wars and exiles that will be put into practice by economic systems or the state authority. When we look at the result of this mobility, changes can occur in both the living conditions and cultures of people. In other words, whether migration occurs due to permanent or temporary national or international reasons, the main reason of this movement is the individual.

In the 3D Festival, the issue of immigration to and from Eskişehir and the situation of immigrants in our city will be discussed in detail.