Session, which has title as “Industry 4.0” is in scope of “Digitalization and Social Transformation”, will be realized as one of the topic of second day in the Festival. But, what is Industry 4.0? First of all, “Industry 4.0” is last of the Four Industrial Revolutions which are seriously transformed labour relations in historical process. The concept of industry 4.0 was first used in a fair held in Hannover in 2011. This concept has some components such as internet of things, smart factory, cyber physical systems, artifical intelligence, and so on. Industry 4.0, which we frequently see in developed countries, is still in the planning stage in our country. According to scientific studies, Turkey has been positioned between Industry 2.0 and Industry 3.0. However, Turkey should have the Industry 4.0 applications in order to achieve competitiveness in the international arena. As a result, there will be some discussions on position of Industry 4.0 in Turkey, new working conditions, production methods, consuption habbits, positive and negative features of Industry 4.0.