Political participation describes voluntary activities undertaken by individuals or groups to directly or indirectly influence the choice of the policies / public policy of elected politicians. Political participation manifests itself with the individual voting in elections, conducting political campaigns, taking part in pressure and interest groups and non-governmental organizations. The individual does not show political participation by voting only in elections, the person who has voted for a certain purpose in the elections participates in the political life by following whether their demands are fulfilled after the elections through democratic means and methods. Petitioning, protesting, trying to put pressure on decision makers through various non-governmental organizations can be listed as some of the methods that an individual uses in post-election political life. This issue will be discussed in the first session of the 3D Festival, which set out with the understanding that “democracy is not just about the ballot box”. If you find it important to participate in civil and political life, you can actively participate in this session of the festival where political party representatives will come together.