Session, which has title as “Protecting Privacy in Digital Environment” is in scope of “Digitalization and Social Transformation”, will be realized as one of the topic of second day in the Festival. At the present time, it can seen that there is a quite fast digitalization process as parallel to globalization. Covid-19 global pandemic, it has gived shape to world since 2020,  is an important example to understand what is level of globalization and digitalization. Also, it can seen that there are security concerns because of rising and proliferation of Digitalization. Subjects or objects can change in security concers. However, it is constant that there are perception to different virtual threats in digital world. This is why, elimination of virtual threats in global and digital world is a necessity. In this frame, firstly, an expert will inform to participants of festival on globalization, digitalization and virtual threats in this session. In addition to that, political speakers and participants of festival will looking for answer for these kind of questions: What is scope of digitalization? How can we analize to Covid-19 global pandemic in terms of digitalization? What kind of virtual threats realize because of digitalization? What is personal digital security? Is it possible that personal digital security in digital age? How can we protect ourself  toward threats in digital environment? We can increase to ideas, examples or questions about this topic. You can be participant in this session if you interested in digitalization and virtual threats.