The issue will be highlighted with the “Tolerance and Rapprochement” session that will take place on the first day of the 3D Democracy Festival titled “Democracy and Political Participation”. “Tolerance” one of the integral elements of contemporary democracy not only will be discussed in the context of Turkey but also problems on this topic will be discussed. In today’s world, it is observed that the contrast between individuals, groups and societies is increasing, and tolerance and consensus are gradually decreasing. In order to solve such problems in society, it is important to resort to “tolerance” and to act for reconciliation. It is important not to treat tolerance as reckless or wrong, and to understand the importance of tolerance and rapprochement. Accepting each individual with all the religious, cultural and social values they adopt and communicating freely within the framework of mutual respect, rather than following the logic of “everyone should be like us” and choosing an intolerant way in the society, will help to reduce the conflict and chaos in the society. In this manner, the “Tolerance and Rapprochement” session will be opened for discussion, acting with a consensus that will benefit everyone and being aware of the limits that will lead us to the ideal tolerance.