The discussion session entitled “Traffic, Transportation and Infrastructure “will be evaluated on the third day of the 3D Democracy Festival Program under the main heading” Problems Encountered in Daily Life in Eskişehir ”. In recent years, along with the growing population, there has also been an increase in the number of vehicles produced and the use of cars, it has become a necessity, not as a luxury, especially for people living in the big city. These requirements have led to problems with traffic, transportation and infrastructure. Although these problems are caused by various reasons, it is noted that most cities are caused by management. Solutions for problems arising from traffic management are sought by administrations.

In this context, a Transport Master Plan has been prepared for municipalities by the Union of Municipalities of Turkey. The plans are based on common problems and recommendations for each municipality. This manual for the preparation of transport planning works is considered as a work for municipalities to guide transport managers and to share the accumulated experience throughout the country. In general, unnecessary expenditures that are not based on the Transport Master Plan are the lack of financial resources of municipalities and the lack of competent and adequate staff are the biggest obstacles to urban public transport investments. Such problems lead to incomplete investments and inability to serve the public. Medium-and long-term recommendations are discussed within this plan. Although each country’s transport and infrastructure spending varies, in general, quite expensive investments are made by government or municipalities. For example, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality spends about 55 – 60% of its budget on transportation investments every year. For this reason, it is of great importance that investment decisions that are so expensive in all countries are made correctly and that the capacities provided by the investments are used with high efficiency. In addition, beyond economic and technical efficiency, the technical design of these facilities is also of vital importance in a mass sense. We are waiting for you to our festival on June 18-20 to evaluate the traffic transportation and infrastructure problems ,that create very big problems for the people of Eskisehir, together and to produce solutions together.