“Use of Social Media” is the first session that will take place on the second day of the 3D Democracy Festival under the title of “Digitalization and Social Transformation”. Today, Turkey has entered a rapid adaptation to rapidly globalized and digitalized world. Digital media have begun to replace the old traditional media. These developments have had positive and negative reflections on the sociological dimension. In this context, the use of social media has increased unpredictably and has become essential in people’s lives. Conducted by Deloitte ‘Global Mobile User Survey 2019’ shows that social media and phone usage in Turkey has reached alarming levels. According to the survey, Turkey’s Instagram and Twitter usage is more than two times the European average. The rate of those who think that they use their phone too much is 73%. The fact that social media has started to dominate daily life has started to have negative consequences in the personal development of individuals, in family relationships and in the social development dimension. However, considering the increasing use with the COVID-19 process today, it seems unlikely to reject social media. The use of digital media and social media, which has increased even more with the corona process, reveals a new dimension of communication. In this session, the positive and negative effects of social media will be discussed in depth, and current status of the use of social media will be discussed via Turkey.