The discussion session entitled “Youth Employment “will be evaluated on the third day of the 3D Democracy Festival Program under the main heading “Problems Encountered in Daily Life in Eskisehir”. If we evaluate youth employment in general terms and give information;As of 2009, about 40% of the 211 million people estimated to be unemployed in the world, or about 83 million, are between the ages of 15 and 24.There are more poor and underemployed young people than ever before:Close to 309 million young people work, but the daily income of the household in which they live is less than $ 2. Millions of young people are stuck in temporary and non-voluntary part-time or casual jobs that offer less returns and limited expectations for progress in work and in their own lives. Young women, on the other hand, face more difficult obstacles.

In this context, some efforts to support youth employment have recently gained momentum. One of the highlights of these studies is the Operation to Support Youth Employment, which was on the agenda between 2011 and 2013 made by İŞKUR. In order to support young people to find jobs and start their own businesses, a technical Support Project was carried out between 2011 and 2013 with a budget of 2 million euros and operation to support young people’s employment. Despite the implementation of many similar projects, youth employment is still one of the important problems waiting to be solved in today’s Turkey. In recent years, the seriousness of the problem has become even more important as the army of young  unemployment with unemployed college students has also begun to increase. In the context of 3D Democracy Festival, we are waiting for you to our festival on June 18-20 to evaluate the youth employment situation in Eskisehir and to produce possible solutions.